Online Payments

Accept multiple forms of payment online. Bypass the awkward and the non-secure nature of dealing with cash.

No credit card required

Accept any kind of payment

Being able to accept multiple types of payments is key in retaining customers. Wesat allows you to decide how you want to get paid, we'll take care of all the complex parts.

Credit Card

Accept credit cards from any major card network. Credit card transactions have a 3% fee, which you can apply to the invoice if you'd like.

Bank Transfer

Save on the transaction fee by using ACH transfers instead, which only have a 1.5% fee.

Cash & Check

If you decide to use cash or check, you can easily mark an invoice as paid from the dashboard.


Split up your payment

Whether you'd like to split up your payments equal, have a down payment, or any other way, we can help you get paid on time and without any friction

Easy to use
Ready to send

You're in good hands

Security is out #1 priority. That's why we use industry-standard methods to handle your data.


We use Stripe to manage online payments. Stripe is trusted by companies such at Lyft, Doordash, and Target to handle payments.


We use Plaid + Stipe to handle bank transfers. Plaid is a standard in bank account authentication and is used by companies such as American Express, Venmo, and Coinbase.

TLS Encryption

Every page on Wesat is encrypted with TLS. This means that no one can view your sensitive data while you're using the site.



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View your revenue, expenses, and profits all on the Bookkeeping dashboard.


View all of your upcoming payouts and completed payouts


Add, modify, and delete expenses to get an insight into where your money is going.

Read, set, go!

Try Wesat today. No credit card required.

Payments FAQ

What is the processing fee?

Credit card charges have a 3% processing fee. ACH transfers have a 1.5% processing fee. Cash and check, of course, don't have any fee.

How do I collect down payments?

You can split up your payments however you'd like. To split

What is Stripe?

Stripe is the company that handles our payment processing. They are the gold standard in the payment processing world and used by companies such as Uber, Amazon, and Expedia.

What is Plaid?

Plaid's software allows us to perform bank transfers, which lowers the processing that you will need to pay. Plaid is trusted by companies such as Venmo, Coinbase, and American Express.